Todos Podem Ser Frida, 2012

The life of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is shown through five photographic fragments of its most shocking events: “FRIDA POR INTEIRO/ ENTIRE FRIDA”; “O AMOR DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S LOVE”; “A DOR DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S PAIN”; “AS CORES DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S COLORS”; “O ABORTO DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S ABORTION”.  The studies and oficial photographic essays were made between June 2012 and July 2013.


For the production, the creator invited plastic artists and male models. The intention of inverting the gender is to reveal Frida’s image in several features of the human being. // The breaking and contravention of the male image on the essays is explored in a female and poetic way. 

The breaking and contravention of the male image on the essays is explored in a female and poetic way.

FRIDA POR INTEIRO/ENTIRE FRIDA points the principle of being Frida, intense and strong, and also deconstructing the former historic environment and bringing it to the contemporary. O AMOR DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S LOVE describes the stormy relationship between Frida and Diego and their intimate connection with love.  A DOR DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S PAIN exposes the woman inside out. Without the strong aesthetic used on her self-portraits, this essay’s proposal is showing the wounds and the pain she had through her life. AS CORES DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S COLORS, shows the peculiar and delicate look she had over the influence of the colors on her life and art. O ABORTO DE FRIDA/FRIDA’S ABORTION inquires the repressed feeling for her frustrated pregnancies with colors and five male figures. 

During the exhibitions of the “Todos Podem Ser Frida” essays came the idea of characterizing the audience and making they feel the experience of being Frida. The interventions brought new possibilities to the project, which was, in the beginning, to be made only by the exhibition of the photographic essays.  It added a new development to the personality and identity of the audience as they were photographed. This intervention aim to the objective of bringing the audience closer to Frida Kahlo’s work and also debating the connections of art, gender identity and social behavior.

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