This work arises from the observation and experience of fat bodies that, due to their protruding belly, when lying horizontally, cover themselves in the form of large stones, mountains, volcanoes, and sea waves. I understand camouflage as a performative method of disappearance/appearance that enables this body that lives in a limbo between severe invisibility as a result of extreme visibility — in addition to hatred (and the desire for annihilation) that should not be reduced to issues related to with aesthetics and health, because when we analyze fat through a critical and colonial lens, we reveal a racist, complex and, above all, ambiguous context — the ability to confuse and upset everything that re/produces intense exhaustion of its existence. In this way, I propose, through drawings, animations, and texts, a choreography that outlines landscapes and dimensions of rest that try to blur the anthropocentric perspective and the violent daily life in which we are inserted.

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